Inspiration for this part of the site

My greatest inspiration came from reading an article about Steve Wozniak and seeing some of the computers that he had built. He was building large-scale circuits using discrete logic chips on prototyping board! That was amazing to see, and just seeing it inspired me to build as well.

My second greatest inspiration was seeing the amazing designs of the early Sinclair computers. Consequently, I have immense respect for Sir Clive Sinclair and his work.

My third greatest inspiration came from seeing Professor Bruce Land's website and reading his research project notes. I loved all of the work that he had published, and it made me realise that perhaps some of my old projects stored away in the shed would be useful material for publishing purposes. It could help people all over the world.

Once I was done with my projects, they usually ended up in the attic. However, the boxes went into the shed when the attic required insulation lagging. I managed to salvage some of my notes and circuits and decided to publish those on this website.

You will find some of my work in the Electronic Engineering section of this site. I have a lot of material but unfortunately not enough time to publish it all.