Casio fx-9750G

Casio fx-9750G

The fx-9750G was a Power Graphic calculator with 32 KB memory, manufactured by the Casio Corporation in 2001. This was a scientific calculator, which was extremely popular and led to the Plus series. It has the program-link facility, which allows the user to transfer programs to other compatible Casio calculators, or print screen data to a Casio Label Printer. For communication with a personal computer, the Casio FA-122 accessory will be required. It is a large unit measuring approx 17.5 cm in length, 8.2 cm in width, and 15 mm in thickness. The plastic case has a rugged design and feels substantial in the palm of your hands. It has a 21-character × 8-line liquid crystal display (LCD), capable of displaying 10-digit mantissa and 2-digit exponent. The LCD is extremely clear and has good contrast.

An advantage of this calculator is that it uses the commonly available AAA sized dry cells for the power supply. It requires four of these batteries, which provides approximately 300 hours of continuous use.



The program library examples include the following calculations.

  • Prime Factor Analysis
  • Greatest Common Measure
  • t-Test Value
  • Circle and Tangents
  • Rotating a figure

Casio makes some of the best calculators, and I like all of their products, I find them built to very high standards and specifications.

Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers

For the engineering students, I believe this function might be of interest. This calculator can perform complex number manipulations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. It will also extract real and imaginary parts of a complex number.

To enter the complex number mode, you press OPTN followed by F3. Once the calculator is in complex mode, a new menu appears on the LCD screen.

This calculator assigns the complex symbol “i” to the F1 button, and therefore you can enter complex numbers easily.

Cost / eBay

I bought this vintage calculator on eBay for five pounds and thought it was a great bargain.

When I was in College, all the rich students had these fancy programmable calculators, which drew graphs. There was no way I could have afforded a calculator such as this, and consequently I did all my equations by hand and in my head!

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