Commodore 776M / CBM 776M

Commodore 776M / CBM 776M

The Commodore 776M, also known as the CBM 776M, was a calculator manufactured by the Commodore Business Machines (CBM) Inc, in 1975 in UK. Commodore made a number of similar looking calculators back then, and the manual was the same for 770D, 774D, 776D, 776M, GL976MR, and GL 979R. The 776M and 976M had memory, whilst the Commodore 979R had a square function. The “D” designation indicated disposable battery model, whilst “R” indicated rechargeable battery model.

The Commodore 776M is an iconic design that most people will remember. Back then, it was state of the art design based around a new IC and LED display, and everyone wanted to have one.

It is a long calculator measuring 13.5 cm × 6.5 cm × 2.5 cm because the battery compartment is above the LED display panel.

This calculator has an interesting algebraic logic, which the manual refers to as “people logic”. It allows you to input numbers in the same sequence, as you would write them down on paper.


This is a lovely calculator, which many people will remember using in school or college.



The keyboard is an interesting design and I like the colours of the hard plastic keys. There is no click feel or noise to the keys when pressed. The keyboard module inside is similar in engineering design to the Prinztronic calculator. Each key has an individual coil spring, to push the plastic button back up.



According to the manual, the US head office in 1975 was the following.

  • Commodore Business Machines, Inc.,
  • 901 California Avenue
  • Palo Alto
  • California
  • 94304

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This was a mass produced product manufactured in many different countries such as, US, UK, Japan, and Canada. Although it is starting to become rare there should still be many of these in mint condition. This is an ideal machine for a collector or someone who just wants to remember the old times. It is a valuable contribution to the digital electronics history and the early calculating machines.

If you happened to have one of these back in 1975 then you will really enjoy looking at the inside of this calculator. In the following pages of this article, you can see the PCB, IC, and LED Display. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing design features of the Commodore 776M.

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Commodore 776M
Commodore 776M / CBM 776M
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