Systema LC2100

Systema LC2100

The LC2100 is a liquid crystal display (LCD) calculator manufactured by the Systema Company. This vintage 80s calculator has a green LCD that is very clear. These were extremely popular at one time due to their small size and starting to become rare today. It is an ideal calculator for the collector.

An advantage of this calculator was that its power consumption was low and therefore the battery lasted a very long time. Since this calculator uses a physical power switch, it means that the batteries do not deplete whilst in storage. The batteries inside this one were over 20 years old, and they still work!


This is a very handy pocket sized calculator for calculating the percent interest. The yellow display is incredibly clear as you can see. These displays were much better than the modern white LCDs we have today.

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Systema LC2100
Systema LC2100 Inside PCB
Systema LC2100 Back Cover
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