Canon FTb Accessories

Lens Filter

The camera case and flashgun are optional accessories, which today are very low cost and found at photography specialist shops. You can also get these on eBay for very little cost.

If you are just starting out in photography then it is always a good idea to get the optional extras. You can have more fun with filters, and flashguns.

Canon FTb Filters

I have only had a few filters to play with, but they are extremely useful if you are seriously into photography. Filter R1 enhances contrast when used with monochrome film. You can also use this with infrared film to provide enhancement to the image.

  • BW Y1 increases contrast of black and white film.
  • BW O1 darkens blue, increases yellow and red.
  • BW G1 prevents red from turning radically into white.
  • SKYLIGHT harmonises the blue sky and shade.
  • Colour CCA (12) for tungsten type film under sunlight.
  • Colour CCB (12) for daylight type film under tungsten light.
  • Colour CCB4 is for daylight type film at sunrise or sunset.
  • Colour CCB8 is for daylight type film and clear flash bulb.

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