Realistic SCP-1B

Realistic SCP-1B

The Realistic SCP-18 is a Stereo Cassette Player made in Japan in the early 1970s. This is probably one of the earliest examples of a stereo cassette player on the Internet.

The inside mechanism and design layout of this unit is very similar to the early Philips EL-3302, which of course was one of the earliest compact cassette recorders.

The red piano key button often gives the impression that this unit can record, but it is just a stereo player, it cannot record.


Back then, it was very popular to use wooden cabinets. Adults would often polish the teak cabinet of their hi-fi in order to improve the sound. :-)

The case is plastic with a wood effect pattern. This is a small shoebox style unit measuring 22 cm × 14 cm × 6 cm in size approximately. From the outside, it is not much to look at, however, inside it has a metal alloy chassis, and is extremely robust.

Manufactured in Japan especially for the Realistic brand, Tandy / RadioShack often made some excellent consumer electronics products.



This unit does not have an internal speaker or an amplifier circuit for driving a speaker. This is more like a tape deck. There are RCA sockets for the left and right channel audio outputs, which connect to an amplifier of a hi-fi system. There is also a volume control to set the output signal level.

Back Label

The label at the back reads the following.

  • Realistic CAT NO 14-892
  • Model SCP-1B
  • AC 120 V 60 Hz 3 W
  • Custom Manufactured for Radio Shack
  • Tandy Corporation Company
  • Fort Worth
  • Texas 76107
  • CSA NO. LL29392
  • Made in Japan

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Realistic SCP-1B
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