Sony TC-152SD DC-DC Module Build

The dc-dc module is part of the power supply circuitry, which produces the required voltage rails for the Sony TC-152SD. If this module fails, then you could find your tape recorder becoming non-operational. Since replacement modules are not available, the only alternative was to design and build a new one.

I received full marks from the institute for this design. It is the same size as the original one and has the same pin configuration so that it fits exactly in the same place as the original module. The circuit is extremely simple as I am using ready-made modules for each voltage rail.

I obtained the components from Relec Electronics Ltd. They are an excellent company providing high-quality power supply solutions to the industry, including commercial and avionics.

New DC-DC Module

PCB View

This design uses the smaller DC-DC module components made by the Mornsun Company. I am using three 1-watt units to generate +24 V, -24 V, and +9 V rails.

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Sony TC-152SD DC-DC Module Build
Sony TC-152SD DC-DC Module Circuit
Sony TC-152SD DC-DC Module Installation