Sony TC-152SD Repair Part 1

Sony TC-152SD Repair Part 1

After writing the Sony TC-152SD article, which was mainly a library of images, I received an email from a celebrity who had one of these tape recorders that had unfortunately stopped working.

When I received the tape recorder I noticed that the VU lights were working, and the motor was turning, only that there was no sound from the unit. The only thing the owner remembered was that it was working fine, and one day the sound level suddenly dropped. The first instinct is to remove the headphone jack plug and turn the volume up, but still there was no sound. There was clearly something wrong at an electronic level.

The unit had been in the hands of many UK engineers, with lofty degrees, titles, and letters. However, there is a difference between skill and membership titles. Things usually come to me when everyone else has given up, and this was a typical instance.

This article is the first part of a multi-part series and a very simple look at the issue. It considers possible solutions to repair the fault. There are also some new images that I was able to take that may be of interest to audio and hi-fi enthusiasts.

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Sony TC-152SD Repair Part 1
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