National Panasonic RS-451S

National Panasonic RS-451S

The National Panasonic RS-451S / D is a Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder manufactured by the Matsushita Electric Corporation of Japan. Considered vintage today, this high-end product had twin built-in condenser microphones, and an advanced push button mechanism with full auto stop capability.

This is a four track stereo recording and playback system with an AC Bias and AC Erase. It has a two band radio. The FM band covers 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz, whilst the AM band covers 525 kHz to 1.605 kHz. The Japanese designed radio circuitry is of high quality and build.

The power supply options are 9 V achieved by either six 'D' sized batteries, internal mains transformer, or an optional external adapter RP-915.

Mains and headphone socket at the side.

This profile image shows the mains figure-8 socket and a stereo headphone socket. It seems to be working all these years.

Microphone enclosure.

This unit has two condenser microphones, which are very sensitive to sound. It records all sound in stereo.

Cassette Buttons

As you will see in the inside section of this article, the cassette push-button mechanism consists of metal alloy components. The mechanism also has full automatic stop capability. The buttons feel soft when depressed

Tuning Meter

As with most of the National Panasonic Radio Cassette Recorders of that era, there is this lovely meter to provide recording level information, as well as signal tuning when using the radio.

Selector Switches

The unit has selector switches for a wide range of functions. The tape select allows one to select between chrome and ferric tapes. There is an AM / FM band select switch. There is also an Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) switch.

Some interesting features in this unit are the mixing capability, and the sleep mode using a digital counter.

For the sound, there is volume, balance, and tone control rotary potentiometers. In the following pages of this article, you can see the inside features of one of these units.

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