Charity for the Blind and Cataract Sufferers

We are more similar than dissimilar, and we have a million things in common, yet we focus on the trivial differences. Why is that? The fact is that pain and suffering is a universal constant. It does not matter who you are you will experience it. Therefore, it takes an intelligent person to realise that we should all work towards reducing the suffering of our fellow human beings.

Life after life, you will be required to answer only one question when you die; if you did anything that was of any worth and value. Very few people can say that they did something that helped their fellow humankind.

The first man I helped had lost one eye in an accident, and the remaining eye had a cataract, so essentially he was completely blind. He planted rice, for a living, and worked in the rice fields in India. He was extremely resilient and smiled in the face of adversity.

I would like to think that my compassion was not limited to how good looking a person is. In the UK, the mindset of the general ignorant tends to be, that only attractive people deserve to live. The fact is that we will all grow old, lose our looks, and one day we may need help just as this man did.

If you are reading this, I do not want your money. I do not even want your recognition. Save your OBEs and Knighthoods for the sleazy politicians who care. What I do want is for you to understand that charity is important. The world is bigger than you think, and your purpose ought to be even bigger.

When I started this charity, many people said to me that it is impossible to help everybody. I understand the beauty of mathematics. Nevertheless, I am not looking to change the world, if I can help just one person, then it makes a difference.

Any Location

Our eye operation units can move to any location, where there is the highest population of cataract sufferers, and it saves the patient from having to walk for miles after the operation. Sometimes you could end up in places that look like the Planet Tatooine in the film Star Wars. The heat is intense and it can feel like you are living in an oven...

Best Equipment

Best Equipment

With portable phacoemulsification machines, it is possible to set up a clinic very quickly in any part of India. I managed to source 600 IOL kits from AMO Advanced Medical Optics (AMO). It is one of their most advanced and new lenses on the market known as TECNIS. Even the NHS does not have that!

Over the years, I have read many scientific and medical papers. Whether it is medicine, computers, or electronics, in the end, it is all technology.

I use my skills and ability to source the IOL kits, medical equipment, workforce, and anything that might be needed. I aim to help as many people with cataracts and visual impairment problems. I have a broad skill set so I try not to limit myself with just the logistics, and sourcing. I enjoy helping people, but most of all, improving the quality of their lives. I have found great joy and happiness in this.

Best Techniques

Cataract surgery is simple for a skilled and experienced surgeon. On average, it takes around 20 minutes for one eye.

The Best Surgeons

The Best Surgeons

You can expect to find some of the most qualified and experienced doctors in the world. In UK, a private doctor, might perform one operation a week! However, these people perform hundreds in a week. Their skill comes from performing thousands of operations. Many of these doctors can work very quickly and accurately.

Any Race, Any Colour, Any Language

Hey, life is gritty. It is hard. It is not all glossy and pretty as on the cover of magazines. We are open to people of all races.

Any Age

Any Age

This was our youngest customer with advanced cataracts in both eyes. He was completely blind and used a stick. I am always saddened to see young people afflicted by this blindness. However, after his operation he was as good as new. We gave him bag with food, money, clothes, books, pens, and reading glasses.


I am proud that this venture has been possible through my own efforts, and I believe it is the best money I have ever spent. Being able to do this independently, and not have to go to any government or private sources for funding is a great advantage in the end.

I have many photographs, and macromedia director presentations that I have made which I plan to show, and see where it leads me. I figured it would be better to put it out on the www than to have it sitting on a shelf in a box.

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