Charities I Support

Wealthy celebrities and businesspersons often ask me which charities to donate to. Since these people donate a considerable amount of money the standards are very high, and I can only recommend the best ones. I make immense effort to ensure that the charities promoted from my site are worthy.

I can only support charity organisations that meet my personal ethical requirements. My support can bring many funds to an organisation however I will only promote those that are properly run. It is therefore wise to ensure that the volunteers a charity employs are honest and educated.

My Charity

Charity for the Blind and Cataract Sufferers

Donation Page

The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Other Charities

Help the Aged
Cancer Research UK
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center
Volunteering for the Mission in Kolkata
The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
Macmillan Cancer Support