Design and Technology Electronic Products

Symbols and Specifications

GCSE Electronics Circuit Symbols
Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)


Thyristor Torch Circuit
The Transistor
Potential Divider

Calculators - Transistor Biasing

BJT Transistor Bias Calculator
Transistor Base Resistor Calculator
Transistor Biasing Calculator with Capacitors
Push Pull Amplifier Bias Calculator

GCSE Project Circuits

NAND Gate Timer
NAND Gate Bistable
LED Flasher Using BC547 and BC557 Transistors
NAND Gate LED Flasher
GCSE Headphone Op Amp Project
Simple Transistor Bistable Circuit
Metronome Circuit
Op Amp Circuit Design

555 Timer

How Does 555 Timer Work
555 Timer Driving LED

4026 and 7-Segment Display

4026 IC Counter Circuit