Roberts Radio - Model R881

Roberts Radio - Model R881

The R881 is a multi-band world radio with digital tuning, manufactured by Roberts Radio Limited. The frequency coverage of this radio is the following.

  • FM 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
  • MW 520 kHz to 1710 kHz
  • SW 2.30 MHz to 26.10 MHz

This radio has only one speaker, and therefore the speaker output is mono, however, the headphone output is stereo.



The radio circuitry utilises the TA8132AN integrated circuit (IC) manufactured by the Toshiba Corporation. This is essentially a single chip radio solution that was extremely popular with Walkmans and portable devices.

The audio circuitry employs a Toshiba TA737 for the power amplifier, and it performs extremely well in this application, because the sound is clear and loud.

Four AA sized alkaline batteries will provide up to a maximum of 20 hours operation time at moderate volume levels.

World Radio

World Radio

A world radio is extremely useful to take with you when travelling, and this one even has an alarm function. This one has a dual alarm feature, which allows you to have two different alarm times. This way, you will never miss your favourite radio broadcast.

The Roberts Corporation has been manufacturing radios for decades, and they are one of the oldest and most experienced firms in the radio manufacturing industry.

Auto Preset System (APS)

Preset Buttons

This radio has APS, which operates for FM and MW bands, and starts when pressing both tuning buttons simultaneously. The system performs an automatic scan and stores the stations in the preset memory in the signal strength order.

Cost / eBay

These radios are comparable in quality and performance to Sony radios, since they usually use the same chipset, and therefore it is a desirable item. A used one in good working order might fetch a few pounds on a good day.

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