CB Radio Receiver

CB Radio Receiver

A citizen band (CB) radio receiver usually receives channels 1 to 40 on the CB band. Here is a multi-band receiver, which has a frequency range of 88 MHz to 108 MHz on the VHF band, and 108 MHz to 138 MHz on the air band. This is a super-heterodyne system, which will receive MW, VHF, AIR, and CB. A simple receiver such as this is extremely cheap because it only receives signals, and provides many hours of fun, listening to stations. If the CB bands are quiet in your area, then the AIR band usually has some signals, especially if you live near an airport. It is very interesting to listen to pilots talking with air traffic control, and very useful for learning the codes and lingo if you were training for a PPL.

This particular receiver is Sinitron 96-01, manufactured in Macau. It has an intermediate frequency (IF) of 455 kHz for CB and medium wave bands, and 10.7 MHz for VHF and AIR bands.

This old model was available sometime in the 90s, and they no longer manufacture them, however they often turn up on eBay. There are many versions of this model and I saw one that looked similar but had the Binatone brand.


Compared to the modern CB receivers with digital tuning, this old manual one seems almost basic, however it very useful if you were just starting out. The manual tuning is something you will need to get used to, but it is much more fun than digital tuning.

This receiver has a transistorised audio output section, where the transistors drive the audio output transformer, which then drives the 3-inch loudspeaker. The sound quality is very good, and it is clear without any distortion. There is also a 3.5 mm jack socket for connecting an earpiece or headphones, and the sound quality is good there as well.

Squelch Control


Listening to amplified static noise is very uncomfortable, and for the brief periods when the CB is not transmitting, there is only static in the airwaves. The squelch control suppresses these intervals of static noise by disconnecting the signal to the audio amplifier. This control enables one to set the threshold level, so when the radio signal falls below a pre-set threshold level, the squelch circuit suppresses the audio and the static noise.

Tuning Knob
Band Selector Switch

Cost / eBay

A receiver such as this could sell for as little as ten pounds depending upon the day. Usually eBay is the place to look if you are collecting pocket radios. Sometimes engineers like to adapt them to receive more bands.

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