Madonna the first album

Madonna The First Album

This was the first album of Madonna released in 1983. Back then, I was a young whippersnapper listening to this music! Yes, it is official, the great and legendary Peter J. Vis (Doc Vis) used to listen to Madonna!

My nephews were laughing at me when they saw this cassette, but I soon put them in their place. "You guys have no taste!" I said. :-)

Back in our time, we had the best singers and writers, and Madonna was the best. There are not very many great singers today, certainly not any in Madonna's league.

This brings back many memories. I was a young snapper studying hard in college and fell madly in love with a girl who looked like Belinda Montgomery, the beautiful actress, who played the scientist doctor in that 80s Atlantis sci-fi show.



Here are the photographs of my cassette. It has all of those wonderful songs and this vintage 1980s tape sounds amazing on one of my vintage walkmans.

This cassette has wonderful separation and equalisation and it is Dolby encoded. These tapes were at one time mass-produced, but are getting hard to find. I use this one very carefully.

I cannot believe that I still have this cassette. Luckily, it was stored away in a box in the attic all these years, and I just recently decided to bring it all down to sort out. I found Lionel Richie, Alison Moyet, and even Culture Club!