Sony MDR-005 Dynamic Headphones

Sony MDR-005

The MDR-005 is a 80s stereo headphone manufactured by the Sony Corporation in Japan. The frequency response was an average 20 Hz to 20 kHz; however, the headphones produce a very good definition sound due to the 32 Ω coils. If connected to an amplifier they would sound very loud. I used these with a Sony Discman listening to a Classical Music CD and it sounded excellent.

Foam Pads

When new the foam pads are yellow matching the rest of the body, however, they also did these in black for a short time. Replacement pads are very difficult to source, however these types of headphones are coming back into fashion and many stores stock them.

Vintage Headphones

It has a nice plastic construction made to very high specifications. It is hard to believe that these headphones are around 30 years old! The sound quality is unique and sounds very 80s with a lot of midrange.



These headphones usually came in bubble packaging, in a choice of yellow and black, and the wire cord was 1.5 m.

Decade of Manufacture1980s
Manufacturing OriginJapan
TypeMoving coil dynamic
Driver Units23 mm diameter
Sensitivity96 dB/mW
MagnetNdFeB (Neodymium)
Membrane TypePlastic
Upper frequency response20 kHz
Lower frequency response20 Hz
Impedance32 Ω at 1 kHz
Power0.04 W
Weight36 g