Attic Clear Out... everything must go...

I just cleared out the attic as it needed lagging and decided to sort out all the things I had stored away for all these years. It is amazing how we all store things in hope. I suppose hope is the only one thing we have in the end; the only thing no one has learnt to destroy yet.

Instead of binning everything, I decided to sell as much of it as possible to raise money for my charity. I had a huge collection of notes ranging from school days to university, and many textbooks. Majority of the books went to Oxfam, whilst some fetched huge amounts on eBay.

I looked over my notes just to see if I still remembered it all, and I was glad to find that most of my skills and abilities have improved with age. Many notes went into the recycle bin, as there is no point having all this knowledge and starving.

I managed to find some nice pictures and memories of my past teachers from the school era that I had almost forgotten about. I have decided to publish those in this section of my website.

I found a whole stack of merit awards from school days. The awards were a big deal, as you had to see the headmaster, and sit by his table whilst he signed them using his special calligraphy ink pen. He then shook your hand and told you to keep up the good work, in a contract style agreement. He was a very kind old man who by the end of the year always recognized me straight away and could pronounce my name perfectly.

I might consider selling the merit awards (circa 1979) if anybody is interested. The vintage Box Camera is now gone. The proceeds went to my charity for cataract sufferers in developing countries.

Early School Days

The end of year school reports and the good workbook were all in the cardboard box. What am I supposed to do with these?

I found the first set of pictures I ever took on a school trip to Stonehenge in 1979, consisting of a picture of my friend David. I lost touch with David after he moved house when the school closed. I also have a picture of my home economics and geography teachers. I figured I might as well immortalize them on the www before they are faded for good. Of course, I wish all of them the best, wherever they are...

Star Trek Comics sold on eBay

  • 47 Marvel Comics 1985–1986
  • 66 Marvel Comics 1991–1992
  • Star Trek the motion picture magazine
  • Battlestar Galactica iron on transfers
  • 4 Airwolf VHS Video Cassettes
  • Star Trek the Motion Picture Video Cassette

Electronics Magazines sold on eBay

  • 35 Radio and Electronics 1980–1990
  • 48 Everyday Electronics 1985–1995
  • 4 Maplin Electronics 1992
  • Mullard Valve and Transistor Data Book 1981
  • 35 Television Magazines 1985–1995
  • 8 Personal Computer World Annual Special Editions
  • 5 Byte Computer 1996–1993
  • 52 Input Programming 1984–1985
  • 21 Wireless World 1980–1995
  • Radio & Television Engineers Reference Book
  • 2 Sinclair Interfacing Projects bumper editions
  • 6 Hobby Electronics bumper editions
  • 6 VCR Servicing Guides 1995
  • 12 Electronics & Computing 1982–1983
  • 2 Radio Models 1984–2000
  • 4 Electronics Today International 1983–1984
  • 3 Scientific American 1984
  • 24 New Scientist 1984–1990
  • 14 Sinclair User 1982–1984

Croydon College HNC Certificate Auction

For auction, for one time only, I have here an authentic HNC Electronic Engineering certificate from Croydon College, UK. I studied at this college for a year with the goal to continue my further education to degree level and become an Electronic Engineer. Instead, I received this qualification together with my first experience of prejudice in education.

After a year of enduring prejudice and hatred, I managed to complete the course and pass, but only to be threatened during the last week that my career would be destroyed at a later date. I had no choice but to walk away from the whole thing, as there is nothing anyone can do in such a scenario when threatened like that. Consequently, I never used the certificate and I do not ever foresee using it. This certificate is a reminder of a very unhappy time that I had, full of disappointment and profound sadness, which changed my whole career outlook and direction.

If you came through Google looking for Croydon College HNC, and whether to study for an HNC at Croydon College, then the link above might shed some light.

Electronics is mainly a hobby for me now, with some occasional private work through my personal contacts, and most of my work is far beyond this level.

I have been very honest regarding the quality of the item you will be bidding for. Please bid appropriately and keep in mind that this certificate is from Croydon College, as this auction does not accept returns or offer refunds.

This certificate has distinctions and merits and is in good condition; therefore, it should be worth something to someone out there. It could be useful to an employer for authenticity comparison purposes, or perhaps a collector.

It was stored in the original brown card reinforced envelope that it comes in, which was stored in a sealed cardboard box in the attic for 17 years since the day I received it. It was stored flat inside a file so there are no crease marks of any sort. The pages appear crisp and there are no discolouration marks of any kind.

These BTEC qualifications come with a main page, which I believe, is meant to be proudly displayed in a frame, while the other is the transcript list of subjects and grades. Here are the scanned extracts of the two papers:

BTEC Auction, Croydon College HNC Certificate

I originally put this item up for sale on eBay three times, however there were no buyers, so as a result I have decided to make it available on my website. The auction duration is 6 months. If there is just one bid during this time, I will let it go providing the terms of the auction are met. If there are no bids then I will extend the auction duration for another 6 months until the item is sold.

The proceeds of this auction will go to my Charity for the Blind and Cataract Sufferers in India, so please bid generously as every penny will go towards helping others less fortunate.

Terms of Auction

  • These terms are not negotiable, and all sales are final.
  • Only one bid allowed per person, so submit the highest bid you can afford.
  • Bidders from the following countries can bid. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, and Sweden. If you reside in any other country, you will need to contact me first. I am very sorry however, bids from Nigeria, and Ghana are not accepted due to unreliable postal service.
  • All bids by email should be in before the deadline: 8th December 2006, 12.00. The bid must have your name, and the amount you consider it is worth. I will contact the winning bidder by email, at the end of the auction for their full name and postal address.
  • Payment methods accepted: cheque, postal order, PayPal.
  • You will be required to provide your full ID, one employee reference, and your intention for the certificate.

I will mention the winner on this page after successful payment, and this page will forever remain on the www as a part of my website.

The delivery method will be 1st class recorded post (Royal Mail)

I wish you Good luck!

Auction Closed on 8th December 2006

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this auction. This page received 293 hits, and there were 66 bids in total. The lowest bid was 5p, and the highest bid was £10.01.

The winning bid was by Mr B. Williams, in Shropshire. I spoke to Mr Williams who told me that he worked freelance for large firms where he authenticates certificates, and this will become a part of his reference collection. I checked his work references, and they were all above board, so I am therefore happy to send it to him.

Good luck Mr Williams, I hope you enjoy your purchase, and thank you for bidding, your donation will help two people with cataracts in India, their quality of life will be improved, and who knows, through a chain of events, you may have even changed the futures of thousands of people in a good way. Perhaps some good karma will come your way in the near future.

Many thanks,


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Attic Clear Out... everything must go...
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