AVO 8 MK 3

AVO 8 MK 3

The AVO Company manufactured this Universal Avometer Model 8 MK 3, also known as AVO 8 MK 3, in 1965. In the evolution of the Avometer, the MK 3 keeps the nicer features of the previous versions such as the Bakelite back cover, sealed battery compartment, and robust meter movement, but has some additional protection features. For the first time in the Model 8 series, we see a 1-ampere fuse (FS1) at the input of the resistance measurement range. Although the Model 7 had mechanical temperature compensation by way of a bi-metallic strip, in this version we see they implemented a shunted thermistor (TH1).


The meter movement M1 is 37.5 µA (3333 Ω) with swamp, which is the same as that found in the MK 2, and therefore the sensitivity is very much the same, with comparable limits of accuracy. For voltage measurement on DC ranges, the sensitivity is 20000 ohms-per-volt, and in AC ranges (10 V and upwards) it is 1000 ohms-per-volt.

Avometer MK III

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