Avometer Repair

Avometer Repair

Renovating an Avometer can be a simple task if you can find all the spare parts easily. I recently bought an Avometer 8 MK 2 that was for sale on eBay, and it required a huge amount of work to get working, which resulted in this article. I hate things going to waste and have always loved fixing and refurbishing broken things that people throw out. I was interested to see how easy it could be to put this meter back together again.

This meter had a long list of faults, and if you decide to buy a second-hand meter on eBay, then be aware of some of the following.

  • Broken Glass
  • Broken Terminals
  • Burnt Terminal Caps
  • Unbalanced Meter Movement
  • Burnt Shunts
  • Burnt Resistors
  • Missing Battery Cover
  • Missing Screws
  • Broken PCB
  • Burnt Coils
  • Burnt Meter Movement
  • Damaged Cut-out Mechanism


I had to repair many faults in order to get a working meter you finally see in the photographs. The most interesting repair was rewinding the shunt coils, which I had never done before. On this meter, the shunt coils for the low current ranges had severe damage and were burnt. Many people are inexperienced of using a meter, and they do not realise that in order to measure current, there must be a series resistance with the meter.

It took a while to find replacement terminals because one had broken off the other severely burnt. I ordered some on eBay from China, and managed to get some from Maplin as well.

The front glass was broken; hence, I had to learn to cut curves in glass to make a replacement glass for the front dial. There was a lot of cosmetic damage such as scratches, and missing range markings, which required painstaking restoration. I also decided to paint the back cover yellow because I wanted to see how it would look. You can see all of these modifications and improvements in the following pages of this multi-page article.

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