Change Log, Direction and Focus


The site moved from the free domain to Consequently, articles started to show on major search engines.

The site began in the late 90s as a showcase for my CV as I was looking for a job, and not having any luck.

Deleted a huge amount of content that was Star Trek related, but kept the personal pages as people should know who I am and what my hopes and dreams were.


Deleted earlier articles that I thought was not to the standard I was aiming. I am never happy with my work and always raising the standard.


I was working on rewriting the firmware of my camera so I could get the type of images and shots I wanted. Luckily, I managed to rewrite the firmware and initial tests indicated that the camera was taking better pictures. I then decided to redo some of the photographs. All the photographs are now improved and better quality than before.


Narrative written back in 2000 was improved, and made shorter.

Computer technology moves fast and any articles for repairing an old PC become useless in a short space of time. There will be no more articles transferred to the Computer Engineering section for the time being.

Decided to keep only two donate links from the original design, hence USHMM and Elie Wiesel Foundation will remain.


Deleted articles that were not getting any hits and “No-Index” tagged many for later removal.


Major mark-up validated by W3C. All the HTML & CSS documents passed validation to a gold standard.

There will not be any more Walkmans and calculator articles, as it does not get any traffic. NASA space stuff gets more traffic so I will be focusing on that.


Started working on new experimental features for CSS and HTML.