Casio SL-300

Casio SL-300 Calculator

The SL-300, also called "SL300", is a vintage calculator manufactured by the Casio Corporation of Japan in 1981. This calculator was a popular production, which went on to many different versions. As well as the basic arithmetic functions, it can calculate percentage, square root, mark-up, and add-on.

The main computer chip based on the early low-power CMOS technology operates on a single solar panel for power.

It has an 8-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with suppressing zeros and a full floating decimal point. The overflow indicator is the “E” symbol, which also locks the calculator.

The solar panel will operate on a brightness level of 150 lux, however, it may struggle with modern energy efficient, and LED light bulbs.

This is a wonderful small pocket sized calculator measuring 7 mm × 61 mm × 100 mm, and weighing 39.2 g. It will operate in a wide range of conditions, and temperatures between 0 °C to 40 °C.



It has these wonderful plastic key-tops and a membrane keyboard. The case is of plastic construction however, the manufacturing quality is good, as one would expect from of a Japanese product.

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Casio SL-300
Casio SL-300
Inside Casio SL-300
Casio SL-300 Main Chip
Casio SL-300 Keyboard
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