Egoman LA310 CD & MP3 Player

Egoman LA310

The Egoman LA310 is an audio CD player with the capability to decode MP3 audio, and VCD files stored on a standard audio CD. Its manufacturing origin is Shenzhen, in China. It can play CD-R and CD-RW media, and decode MP3, VCD, and standard CD (CD-DA) audio formats.

It has shock protection, and the internal memory can store 480 seconds for MP3, or 45 seconds for CD-DA audio data.

LCD Display

LCD Display

It has a generous sized Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) dot-matrix panel, which can display ID3 tag information such as the song title and additional track information. There is also an impressive looking graphic equaliser with five mode pre-sets.

Power Supply

A pair of AA sized batteries powers the unit. There is also a 4.5 V at 600 mA DC adapter for powering the unit from the mains.

On battery operation with a pair of standard dry cells, one can expect four hours play time, which extends to up to eight hours by using high capacity Ni-MH batteries.

Operating Modes

There are physical switches for directory navigation and controlling the unit. It has a switch for enabling the charge mode, and a switch to lock the controls. The modes of play are random, intro, and repeat.

Sound Quality

The headphone output is 15 mW per channel through a headphone with 32 Ω coils. The original headphones were of basic design, and I ditched those and used my Sony pair, which provided a better sound.



Manufactured to a reasonable quality finish and designed in transparent coloured plastic, it was one of the earliest CD players with MP3 capability. One could have a CD filled with hundreds of MP3 files, which it would happily play.

The earliest version was a little choosy with the MP3 format however later versions were much improved.


ModelEgoman LA310
Line Output0.6 V at 22 kΩ
SN Ratio385 dB
Laser Class 1780 nm
Operating Temperature5 °C to 40 °C
Dimensions145 mm × 160 mm × 29 mm
Accessoriesin-line remote

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