Goodmans PM95s Stereo Recording Walkman

Goodmans PM95s Stereo Recording Walkman

The PM95s, also known as “PM-95s” is a stereo radio cassette recorder manufactured by the Goodmans Corporation back in 1990s, in Korea.

The corporation also made other cassette recorders in the series such as the PM75, PM80, and PM85, and they all had recording capability with a three band graphic equaliser.

The PMxx series was one of the most popular as it was a portable player with recording capability the same size as a standard Walkman. Although not a high-end player, it had a large number of useful functions and competed with the Walkman market.

This recorder had a pair of miniature low-profile speakers so the owner could listen to music in stereo. Considering how small the speakers were, the sound quality was surprisingly quite good.

It could record from built-in microphone, line in socket, or the radio reception, which made it very versatile.

The radio could receive broadcasts in FM stereo, and medium wave band, and the manufacturers included a telescopic aerial, which folded along one edge of the unit.

Case Construction

Constructed out of plastic, the manufacturing is precise and it looked smart. A new one without any scratches would look wonderful. Due to their low cost and portability, not very many have survived, however they might turn up from time to time on eBay.

Graphic Equaliser

Graphic Equaliser

Amazingly, this little stereo recorder also had a graphic equaliser installed in the lid section of the cassette compartment. The bands provided a 10 dB boost or cut to the frequencies.

Cost Price

This is a vintage mass-produced product that had very useful functions. They can fetch anything from 99 pence to a fiver.

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