SC1088 FM Radio Chip

SC1088 FM Radio Chip Block Diagram

The SC1088 is an AM / FM radio IC manufactured by Silan Semiconductors, a subsidiary of the Hangzhou based Silan Microelectronics Corporation. This single chip radio IC is very similar to the Philips TDA7088T, and usually found in portable radios. The IC contains all the necessary building blocks for building a radio, and contains a frequency locked loop (FLL), intermediate frequency (IF) blocks centred at 70 kHz, and all-pass demodulator blocks. Operating from as little as 1.8 V at 4.2 mA, this IC requires very little current making it an ideal solution for portable radio applications.

The SC1088 also contains an automatic mute circuit (pin 1) to suppress weak signals; however, this is an optional feature allowing the engineer to experiment with the reception of weaker radio signals. It is an ideal IC for radio electronics enthusiasts, due to its low-cost and minimal requirement for external components.

Variable tuning capacitors are expensive these days, and this chip offers the option of using either a single VARICAP diode or a conventional mechanical tuning capacitor. The mechanical tuning is possible with or without the use of the onboard AFC block. Search tuning is in one direction only from the lower band limit to the higher band limit.

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

This circuit is for a 3 V FM radio with mechanical tuning, which also utilises the AFC block. This circuit works very well, and is ideal if you want to build your own first radio. I bought a radio at a dollar mart shop and took it apart to build this circuit as I had a couple of spare variable tuning capacitors.

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co

In 2003, they took the first step into developing their first IC fabrication plant, and since then they have enjoyed immense success in semiconductor manufacturing. Today, they are a leading supplier of integrated circuits to the Chinese markets.

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SC1088 FM Radio Chip Diagram
SC1088 Radio Circuit Diagram
SC1088 Block Circuit Diagram