Sony WM-EX610

Sony WM-EX610 Front View

The WM-EX610 is a stereo cassette player Walkman manufactured by the Sony Corporation. Slightly larger than the cassette it plays, it is an all-metal body unit, with auto reverse system, and remote control via the headphone cord. It also has GROOVE, MEGA BASS, and Dolby noise reduction facility.

Tape Controls

Side View

This is a high-end stereo player with superb sound quality. The audio circuit based around the Toshiba TA2123 Amplifier Chip surpasses all expectations.

Controls / Sockets


This model has automatic tape detect sensors; hence, there are no switches to set, as it will perform the switching automatically to select chrome, metal, or ferric tapes.

The mechanical engineering of this unit is greatly simplified and the tape transport mechanism consists of dual capstans driven by a single stepper motor and drive belt.

Cassette Compartment

Cassette Compartment

The great thing about this unit is that it has a rotary volume control, which is simple yet effective. They have tried to reduce un-necessary digital circuitry to keep the sound quality to the highest level possible.

The sound quality of this Walkman is superb and I often find myself converting those hollow sounding MP3 tracks back to tape through a graphic equaliser, and on this player, it sounds out of this world.

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Sony WM-EX610
Sony WM-EX610 Inside
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Sony WM-EX610 Audio Head
TA2123AF Chipset
Sony WM-EX610 Fault
Sony WM-EX610 Stepper Motor
Sony WM-EX610 Drive Belt
Sony ATS & Tape Sensor
Sony WM-EX610 Servicing
NC-6WM Battery & BC-7SP2 Adapter
Sony WM-EX610 Back Case