Sony WM-EX674

The Sony WM-EX674 is a stereo cassette player Walkman manufactured by the Sony Corporation of Japan in approximately 2000. It is an all-metal body player, which is just slightly larger than the cassette it plays. It measures only 77.7 mm × 109.1 mm × 21.4 mm, and weighs 140 g.

In terms of audiocassette sound technology, this is about as good as it gets, and consequently this is the best player ever designed. I do not believe they manufactured anything after this to surpass the sound quality.

Sony WM-EX674

This unit has Dolby B noise reduction circuitry and therefore the sound quality will be high for all of your tapes recorded in Dolby. Most people are aware of the “Groove” function on this because it provides a very deep bass. Groove bass is much deeper than “Mega Bass” is, and with Sony’s top end headphones, you can get an amazing bass sound from this player.

Sound Revitaliser Mode

Back View

Magnetic tape tends to lose higher frequencies over time often associated with treble bleeding. What most people are not aware of is that this unit contains a very powerful sound processor to reconstruct those lost or faded frequencies. It is an amazing bit of processing that this player does at exceedingly low power consumption.

On this player, your old worn out tapes will sound as they did when new due to this extremely powerful sound processor chip. This function is the last bit of improvement anyone ever did for audiocassette technology.

Go Back in Time

With one of these players, you can insert one of your old tapes from the 1980s, switch on the “Sound Revitaliser”, and transport yourself back in time to when you were a young whippersnapper, when life was careless and free.

Sound Modes

Sound Modes
  • Sound Revitaliser improves treble
  • Mega Bass increases bass
  • Groove provides deeper bass

Extended Operation Time

Side View

This player utilises advanced semiconductor technology that allows it to operate for many hours due to its extremely low power consumption. When powered by an alkaline LR6 standard AA sized dry cell, it will provide 39.2 hours of operation time. When powered by a NC-6WM battery it provides 12.1 hours of use. However, with both batteries combined, up to 50.3 hours operation time is achievable. Battery technology has improved since 2000, and modern high capacity rechargeable AA batteries may provide even greater operation time.

NC-6WM Rechargeable Battery

The NC-6WM is a rechargeable NiCad battery, which provides 1.2 V, and has a capacity of 600 mAh. A new unit usually comes with a rechargeable battery, together with its charging adapter. The UK model takes 3.5 hours to charge, and the battery life is up to 300 charge cycles. Overcharging the battery will damage it and reduce its lifespan.


  • Frequency Response 30 Hz to 18000 Hz
  • Stereo Jack 3.5 mm
  • Headphone 8 Ω to 300 Ω

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Sony WM-EX674
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