Texas Instruments TI-30 STAT


The TI-30 STAT is a scientific calculator manufactured by the Texas Instruments Corporation in 1987. The STAT version provided statistical functions including mean, standard deviation, and variance. Designed for the scientific and engineering fields, it has 54 functions covering algebraic, trig, and statistical computations. This calculator has an Algebraic Operating System (AOS), which follows the standard algebraic mathematical hierarchy of operation. This allows the user to enter complicated operations directly.

The electronic design of this calculator utilises the CD4557AN2S single chip solution, manufactured by Texas Instruments.

The single chip calculator solution decoded the keyboard, drove the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel, and executed the mathematical functions. During computation, the display goes blank, as the mathematical operations take all the processing resources.

The LCD provided a maximum of eight-digit display, with a floating minus sign, and angle mode indicators.

This was a very popular production for Texas Instruments, which lasted over a decade. During this time, over a dozen versions of this calculator went into production.


Calculator Front View

It had low power consumption because of the Automatic Power Down (APD) system, which automatically switches the calculator OFF after 15 minutes of non-use. It uses a pair of Panasonic LR-44 batteries, which provided up to 1000 hours operation. The operating time extended up to 2500 hours using the Panasonic WL-14, or Toshiba G-13 batteries.

Once you have installed new batteries you will not see anything on the LCD Panel and you need to press a particular key combination to make the calculator work. Press the following keys in sequence:

  1. OFF
  2. ON/C
  3. ON/C
  4. 2nd
  5. [CSR]
  6. STO

The display should then show β€œ0” and β€œDEG”. People often forget to do this and assume that their calculator is broken, but it is not. More information is available in its manual.

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