TomTom Speaker Repair


The TomTom ONE XL is a GPS automobile navigation system manufactured by the Dutch Corporation TomTom NV in May 2007. It has a 4.3-inch touch-screen display with a resolution of 480 pixels × 272 pixels. The internal computer system has 32 MB memory and a 266 MHz processor. This is a basic model similar to the “TomTom ONE”, which has a 3.5-inch touch-screen.

I had one of these where the speaker stopped working, and suddenly my GPS had lost its voice, as there was no sound. The speaker problem usually manifests with a crackly sound, which progressively worsens until there is no sound. When mine stopped working, I knew that a speaker replacement was in order and decided to repair it myself, as I am a qualified engineer. However, I figured I had better take some pictures in case anyone else had this problem.

Based on my analysis, the useful operating life of the speaker is vastly reduced when this unit is left in the car in high temperatures. The high temperature will cause warping of the plastic speaker chassis and as a result, the paper cone will shift slightly off-centre, and the voice coil assembly will scrape the magnet. This will result in the coil shorting intermittently causing crackling audio at loud volumes, and resulting in the total failure of the component.

Speaker Replacement

Replacement speakers are readily available on Google for £3.00 and they usually arrive from China. This is a very low-cost mass manufactured component, which is very simple to replace as it has only two electrical connections. Providing you have the correct tools, replacement takes less than twenty minutes.

When the sound on my TomTom stopped working, I quickly bought another TomTom GPS as I rely heavily on this extremely useful technology to find my way around. When the replacement speaker arrived, I repaired it and now I have two!

TomTom NV is one of those wonderful corporations, which always bring out a better product every year, and each time it does more for less money. Of course, the best GPS deals are on Google these days. These will be the top ranking listings and links to the side of the results page.

A GPS is like any other electronics product and is a commodity product. Every year a new model comes out that is cheaper and does a whole lot more, therefore it is always a good idea to look around and see what is available in the current market.

The following pages of this article show how to replace a speaker. As always, you should take safety precautions and make sure that the battery is completely flat before you open it, just to be on the safe side.

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