Panasonic RX-1950 Stereo Cassette Recorder

Panasonic RX-1950 Recording Walkman

The RX-1950 is a personal stereo cassette recorder manufactured in Japan by the Matsushita Electric Corporation in the 80s. This is a walkman style personal stereo with an AM / FM radio tuner, full function tape controls, and auto stop capability. This was a high-end unit, which sports a built-in microphone, stereo microphone input jack socket, and auto level control. In addition, it has a pair of LED lights to indicate the recording level, and battery power.

It is a heavy portable unit with a chassis made from die-cast alloy metal engineered to high specifications. The capstan flywheel is also metal providing the benefit of excellently maintained tape speed. Modern cassette players usually have plastic decks and plastic mechanical components making them lighter but less reliable.

The inside circuit board of this unit is very interesting, using a mix of conventional components and surface-mount device (SMD). This is a collectable unit made to a high quality specification It is ideal for any Walkman collector. Compared to the Sony TPS L1, the sound quality of this Panasonic is far better and it can record. This multi-page article provides in-depth details of its design and engineering



This personal cassette recorder also has a built in radio tuner so that you may listen to the radio and even record onto tape.

The FM radio reception is excellent and based on a Japanese design. The frequency range is 88 MHz to 108 MHz. The AM range is 520 kHz to 1600 kHz, and is sensitive enough to detect many distant stations. The selectivity, and adjacent channel rejection is excellent.

Tape Controls

Tape Controls

This unit has the full set of tape controls including cue, review, rewind, forward, and pause.

Side Controls

Side Controls

There are three rotary controls. The volume and balance controls are potentiometers, whilst the tuning control is a variable capacitor. This lovely little unit can record from the built in radio, internal microphone, and from an external stereo microphone input, which made it extremely useful. It also has a switch to choose between chrome and normal tapes, and other mode selector switches.

On the front side, it has an electret condenser microphone, which is extremely sensitive and useful for recording. An option to connect an external microphone through the 3.5 mm jack socket also exists.

Power Supply

Four AA sized dry cells provide the power to use this unit for around three hours. This operation time increases using modern high-capacity rechargeable batteries. The manufacturers have also thoughtfully provided a DC socket to provide 6 V from an external source such as an adapter.


  • Stereo, two track system
  • Automatic bias erase
  • 3-digit counter
  • Mono / Stereo selector
  • AM / FM selector
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Battery condition LED
  • Recording status LED

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