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The Electronic Brain Box Pathfinder is a kit of 50 parts allowing the construction of up to 148 experiments. It was manufactured in China and imported by the Ireland based Smyth’s Toys Company. Due to the small parts, it is not suitable for children under 8 years of age. The main project is the three-wheeled Pathfinder spacecraft with a sensor that can detect light and dark colours. The craft can remain within the boundary detected by the sensor. It also has an infrared sensor, which allows any household infrared remote controller to control it.

Bulb Holder
Bulb and Connectors
Controller Module 95


Cost / eBay

The best place to buy or sell one of these is eBay, as there is always a large group of collectors and sellers looking for new and used kits. I bought this used one, which was complete, and it was fine when I received it. The price can vary a lot depending upon its completeness and condition; however, the pathfinder is extremely desirable. No doubt, hobbyists will want to connect its electric motors to a servo controller and use something like the Raspberry Pi to control it.

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