Maxitronix 75 in 1 Electronic Lab

Maxitronix 75 in 1 Electronic Lab

The 75 in 1 Electronic Lab (MX-905) is an educational console for any experimenter ages 10 and over to build up to 75 project circuits. This kit was manufactured in 1999 by the Taiwan based Maxitronix Enterprise Limited Company, in the Peoples Republic of China.

If you are in school studying operational amplifiers, then this lab has some wonderful projects utilising op-amps. It shows how to use them using a split-rail power supply, including biasing. It also has some nice practical circuits that might be useful for your GCSE project work.

If you are into microcontrollers, and Raspberry Pi, then it has some interesting circuits that may be of interest such as using pulse width modulation to change the brightness of an LED. It also has some practical light sensor circuits using a CdS photocell. For the digital electronics student, it shows the operation of logic gates utilising transistor-based circuits, which is extremely useful.



The MX-905 lab has a pair of A733P transistors. This is a PNP silicon transistor suitable for amplifier applications. It has a maximum DC current gain (hFE) of 400, and collector current (Ic) of 100 mA.

There is also a 2SC1318, which is an NPN silicon transistor. It is suitable for power amplification and driver applications. It has a maximum DC current gain (hFE) of 340, and collector current (Ic) of 500 mA.

The BA10324A is a monolithic integrated circuit (IC), with quadruple ground sense operational amplifiers. They feature internal phase compensation and can operate on voltages between ±1.5 V to ±16 V.


It has many interesting circuits for making a logic probe, or flip-flop memory that would be interesting to a beginner. There are also some advanced circuits such as a dc-dc converter, and voltage-controlled oscillator, which would be useful to advanced engineers. Hence, this project lab could be useful to anyone from age 10 upwards, and especially useful for students at college level.

Cost / eBay

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This Electronic Lab has an educational value as well as some very interesting experiments that are unique, and therefore it is worth having it even if you already own other labs. Usually, good educators keep a couple of different labs in their collection as reference because it enables them to test out the circuits before the students make it.

They sell extremely well on eBay and the price depends upon their condition. If you see one of these going on eBay for a few pounds, then grab it for your collection.



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