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The Modurang 46 is another EX-System that is similar to the Gakken one except the Modurang Company in Korea manufactured it, and the Watford based company ORITREE imported and distributed it to UK. It is an electronic experimental kit with 46 Denshi blocks allowing up to 150 different circuits, and this is a special edition one with a photocell feature and built-in IC amplifier. Compared to the Gakken one, which comes in black plastic, this one has a silver finish. It appears much smarter and it seems to have a good standard of finish compared to other systems I have seen.

Unlike the Gakken EX-System, which has a removable IC AMP Module, in this design, it remains fixed within the case, which makes it look neater. In addition, the Modurang system has an external barrel socket for powering the unit through a mains adapter. The printing on the Denshi blocks utilises white ink, whereas the blocks that came with the Gakken system has silver coloured ink.

In terms of performance, the Modurang system appears to have a louder crystal earpiece in comparison to others. The Crystal Radio circuits were comparable and performed almost the same.

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The Modurang 46 is a lovely kit however; I have not seen it often on eBay or anywhere else. It may have been a special edition small-scale production compared to the Gakken ones. If you see one going cheap for sale then it is definitely worth getting for your collection, however these are usually very expensive.

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