Two Pin DIN Plug

Two Pin DIN Plug

The two-pin Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) plug is an audio connector, which is usually utilised for connecting an external loudspeaker. Typically used on vintage audio equipment, it provides an output signal to an external speaker connection. Most people would have become aware of this from the Phillips EL-3302 Compact Cassette Recorder, which uses such a socket such as this.

This type of connector is utilised on many vintage amplifiers, tape recorders, as well as European car radios.

Pin Configuration

As you can see, it consists of a flat pin and a cylindrical pin.

Screw on Connectors

On this one, you do not need to solder the wires. It has screw-on terminals, which is much nicer.

Plug Cover

Plastic plug cover screws on to secure the wires.

2 Pin DIN Plug is used by...

Sharp SA-606H Back Sockets
Philips Compact Cassette Recorder EL-3302