About Me - An Interview with Peter Vis

I receive a lot of mail from people who have read my articles and liked them. Some of the questions tend to be the same, so I have created this page with the answers, as I am certainly getting very tired of answering them. Also, please do not send me any more silly questions, as I need my email for more important work... thank you.

What do you sound like?

Lt Cmdr Data in Star Trek :-)

Are you Rich?

No, I am Very Poor.

Will you marry me?


Agency: We have a job for you are you interested.

I am so sorry; I do not deal with agencies.

Agency: We are looking for leads, please could you help us.

I am so sorry; I do not deal with agencies.

What is the colour of your eyes?


Why does your site promote very few select products?

My site cares deeply about the user experience. I write about products that I have bought, which were good value. Ethically minded people must also manufacture them, as I will not write about products manufactured by child labour.

It is a tough call because there are many manufacturers willing to pay big bucks to have me review their products, and I can see why many sites would give in to the temptation, however, not me. I am a Brit. We love poverty and the Dickensian style of living. We invented it. :-)

How do you find the time to write the content?

I do not sleep. There is a lot I need to get done and not enough time. I am trying to find solutions to some of the most difficult questions man has ever asked. As a result, I often find myself reading some very complex works late into the hours.

What is your religion?

If I had one, it would most probably be Jedi-ism :-) We all have 'the force' no matter what religion or colour we are.

I would like to start from the common basics that unite everybody on the planet. I am a human being. You are a human being. I have feelings, you have feelings... instead of fighting over what I believe some people said a thousand years ago, and what you believe some people said a thousand years ago. How is any of it going to pay your bills or put food on the table today?

I like the idea of people of light charged with the duty to uphold the value of all life on the planet. There is only one man who could lead it though... (Elie Wiesel: The Elie Principle)

You make complicated things sound simple, how do you do that.

I try to write such that a 5-year old can understand. That way, I know that everyone all over the world can understand. Web publishing is about communication with a worldwide audience and not about making, you look clever.

I therefore avoid all the big words and flowery sentences. I work very hard to write in simple plain English, so that when someone lands on my page it is a pleasure to read. It is also easier for Google Translate to translate my text to any language with a high degree of accuracy.

Where do you stand on politics?

It serves a useful purpose inside the houses of parliament, and the adversarial process. However, I cannot see much use for it outside except to divide people.

Which groups of people, ethnicity and race do you favour?

I am on the side of DNA. All those differences that you see in people around the world are simply variables in a large biological program called the DNA.

Whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, black or white, how long you will live, how many illnesses you will have, how many disabilities you have, was all decided at the time of conception and you had no say in any of it. It was a biological lottery.

Once those little variables are fixed, then that is it. That is who you are and you have to live with it, because living with it together is what it is very much all about.

Hence, I figured lets stick with Watson and Crick, and DNA. At least there are some solid ideas based on sound intelligent reasoning that I can understand, thus I am always on the side of the fallen, dying, poor, the persecuted, the ill... You will not see me at any parties I can assure you. :-)

A thriving growing society will normally be the one that accepts this genetic diversity - whatever it may be - The puritan societies that focus on maintaining a particular attribute tend to go on the decline and their population diminishes very fast. I suppose nature hates stupidity, and anyone going against it will go out in the night like the dinosaurs...

Nature had everything figured out thousands of years before the modern arrogant man emerged. It therefore certainly seems to me that any educated civilised human being ought to embrace these differences and accept them. I believe that Abraham Lincoln was thinking along those same lines at a time when Watson and Crick had not discovered DNA. Nevertheless, he was right and it was the first true step to declaring that all men are equal.

Interestingly, this also works with computer systems and business models. Any system that is perfectly fair and free of corruption and meddling by humans will thrive. Google is a success because two people - Sergey & Page - decided that they wanted to keep a total control of the system and as far away as possible from human meddling. What do you suppose would happen if the control were handed over to one of our 'esteemed' politicians? ... Need I say more?

Why are you so damned responsible?

Unfortunately, I had a very strict upbringing. Everything had to be proper and in its place and there were no room for errors Consequently, injustice, prejudice, and corruption are things I cannot stand for. Bigotry is also something I do not like.

I realised this when I was a young whippersnapper. Coming home from school involved a long walk down Gravel Hill. I saw a group of skinhead yobs beating up an old woman and instantly ran towards the mob to help the woman.

As I reached the mob, I realised three things. 1. These are exactly the type of thugs who look for people exactly like me to beat up. 2. There are four of them with steel-capped boots and one of them has a knife. 3. I wonder if I will be buried or cremated...

As I reached the mob, something interesting happened; they looked at me with great surprise. They did not expect anybody to rescue the woman. As I helped the woman up, and gathered her belongings, they were a little confused as to why someone would help that person. There was a biochemical programming contradiction occurring in their heads. It was a huge downer for them and they lost interest for some reason and left.

As I handed over her belongings, I realised that she was one of those transgender types. Nevertheless, it did not matter to me; I would help any human being!

It occurred to me that in that group dynamic everybody was pretending to be someone else. I was not as brave as I was pretending to be; the yobs were not as hard as they were pretending to be as they were simply following faulty programming and each other. The woman, for whatever reasons, had her own problems.

Since we are all lost, I figured somebody has to be responsible...