How to Become a CEO

The main quality of a CEO I think is to be a decent person. I have always known that the way ahead is through hard work, honesty, and decency. The other three important words are Integrity, Harmony, and Efficiency.

If any CEO wishes to add to this list, feel free to let me know. I am hoping to build a CEO charter of the most important qualities a CEO must have.

Always help new people starting out in a career.

Protect other people’s reputation.

Be known as a solution provider.

Never show favouritism, treat everyone as special.

Be an excellent Project Manager.

Do not smoke or drink.

Avoid all office parties.

Friday is 'friendly day'.

In a crisis, be the hero and save the day.

Do not hold on to the worthless memories.

Keep your desk tidy.

Make Allies throughout the world.

Donate some money to a charity.

Spend some time reading and writing material.

Know everyone's first name.

Go the extra mile in all you do.

Arrive early, and leave 15 minutes late.

Do not take work home.

Earn the respect from everyone.

Do not expect anyone to plan your career.

Never travel with superiors or friends.

Live modestly.

Work in trains and planes and do not waste time.

Keep a people and network diagram chart.

Send handwritten notes.

Do not get friendly with superiors.

Be visible.

Always take your holiday.

Always keep your boss updated with a weekly memo.

Attract more customers.

Make your boss look good, and his boss look even better.

Never let a good boss make a mistake.

Visit the library once a month.

Learn one new thing every year.

Dress up on special occasions.

Over invest in people.

Be generous to hard workers.

Take time to think.

Keep fit.

Fill in data gaps and blind spots.

Do your homework.

Never lose your temper.

Always write in clear plain English.

Treat everyone equally.

Consider everyone special.

Always give credit. Never take credit.

Give surprise bonuses.

Be polite, even to the free-range rude people.

Do some work on your own to make sure you can.

Learn 10 things to say that will make people feel good.

Keep a list of your goals.

Look for ideas from any source.

Do NOT get involved in office politics.

Look sharp and be sharp.

Emulate the good boss.

Never write a nasty memo.

Never go over budget.

Never underestimate an opponent.

Live today, plan tomorrow, and forget yesterday.

Make your job fun and laugh.

Spend 20 minutes every morning planning.

Teach people as much as you can and offer wisdom freely.

Keep an ideas notebook.

Do not get pushed along with the 'gang'.

Protect your reputation.