My Journey

"Captain Vis! What took you so long?" The General growled.

"We stopped for coffee Sir." I replied.

The fact is that people always assume that you have not been doing anything, or have been sitting around when you were moving heaven and earth. Nobody is going to know about your pain, suffering and hardship. So perhaps writing about it is the better way forward.

A great person once said never leave it to others to write your story, chances are they will do a poor job of it. They were right.

I came from a normal ordinary background, and I am actually very glad about that. I did not have a rich family connected to the upper classes of the British high society. I did not get the over-priced privileged education of Eton, Sandhurst, Oxford, or Cambridge, as some of the Executive Director 'dummies' I often come across.

There is a big difference between skill, ability, experience, and qualifications. Moreover, just like Sir Alan Sugar I am not easily impressed when I hear people brag about their paper accomplishments. So let me get this straight. A doctorate degree, highly connected family, over-priced education, cannot tie your own shoelaces...

If there is one thing that I have learnt it is that, many of these lofty qualifications are worthless. I have been through our education system. I know it intimately... I have seen it all; prejudice, corruption, bigotry, covert, overt, and a hundred other types of racist attitudes. The most important thing it taught me is that any system where humans can meddle is essentially a worthless system.

In my journey, I have met the full spectrum of people ranging from the uneducated bigots, to mealy-mouthed talent less cowards, to some of the worlds most intelligent and powerful people. I remain in contact only with the powerful and intelligent ones...

The most important thing I have discovered is that it takes an intelligent person to spot another intelligent one, and there are very few at the top level. This is why when I find those rare few that can recognise my skills; I always remain in contact with them.