White Noise Relaxation

White noise is a sound of equal intensity at all frequencies of the audio spectrum. In 1975, T. Hida introduced the theory of white noise. In his research, white noise is a generalized function on an infinite dimensional space.

Brain Waves

Alpha frequencies between 8 Hz to 12 Hz are associated with deep relaxation. They provide access to creativity that lies just below our conscious awareness.

Beta frequencies between 12 Hz to 70 Hz are associated with concentration and alertness.

Gamma frequencies between 40 Hz to 70 Hz are associated with perception and consciousness. Gamma resonance occurs when neurons emit electrical signals at the rate of around 40 times a second (40 Hz), and upwards of 70 Hz.

Delta frequencies between 1 Hz to 4 Hz are associated with deep sleep.

Theta frequencies between 4 Hz to 7 Hz produce the twilight state, which humans normally experience upon waking, or drifting to sleep periods.

Schumann frequencies are at 7.83 Hz, 14.3 Hz, 20.8 Hz, 27.3 Hz and 33.8 Hz. Caused by electromagnetic waves resonating between the Earth and the ionosphere, the 7.83 Hz frequency is the strongest. It is a commonly held belief that biological processes that evolved on Earth are in 'tune' with this frequency, and therefore they may have healing properties.

White Noise

This page is simply a tool for relaxation purposes, designed to induce a relaxed state whilst listening to the white noise, which sounds like a waterfall.

If you are suffering from any medical conditions do not listen to this. By clicking on the link below, you agree that you will not be listening to this whilst driving or operating machinery,

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