The Angels...

I believe that the very first step you take has to be a good one, because only from that can something good come out. Hence, the very first chapter of my life is decency and trust. I believe that kind acts generate a positive energy that permeates within the fabric of time and space, and this same energy echoes in eternity back to the creator of the kind act.

There are two main types of people in this world; those that build trust, they lift you and raise your spirits. The quality of your life improves, and you can achieve your dreams.

The second type does the exact opposite of the first. You do not have to be a genius to detect these people either, it is a very basic instinct everyone has.

After my Croydon College experience, I decided to visit my past university tutor Dr Sheppard, at Kings College. He had been the one to recommend me to study for an electronic engineering degree and had always treated me like a human being. I remember he was very kind to me when I explained to him my reasons for not pursuing an electronic engineering degree.

I believe that kind people and kind acts should always be remembered, and I have never forgotten them.

Certainly, I have met many kind people in my journey, many whom I would consider angels, because they were rare just like real angels.