History of www.petervis.com site...

This site is not a commercial site, as it does not have a checkout system. This site is mainly an information site with Google AdSense as the main partner. I am not interested in creating a supply chain or selling because it would only take me away from the things that I like the most, which is publishing and innovating.

Publishing is all I really ever wanted to do. I enjoy writing and creating graphics. I enjoy the thrill of creating something that would be useful to people, and I strive for perfection.

In The Beginning

I created this site in 1996, and installed it on the Freeserve domain name. Back then, I was desperately seeking work, and not having any luck. I decided to create a web page detailing my CV in the hope that someone might see it and offer me a job - but it was no use. It was a good learning experience though because I kept improving the content and in the process began to learn coding techniques in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript...

I also began creating my own graphics, taking photographs, and writing my own GIF CODECS to help improve the download speeds. In the process, I also did a little bit of daydreaming drawing company logos of my future electronics company...

The very first versions of the site had a lot of Star Trek material, as I was a huge fan of the series, and later versions had many electronics related articles. The focus of this site is therefore technology; electronics, computers, mathematics... These things are within my sphere of intelligence.

What is the Objective

This site exists to raise awareness of The Holocaust, USHMM, and cataract sufferers in developing countries. These are the few things I care about, which crystallised in my life in different ways. We all support things based on our experiences in life, and these things turned out to be what I was interested in.

A lot of hard work goes into writing the articles, creating the diagrams and photographs. People from all over the world email me to say how much they liked my site and how they cannot believe that, I did not receive any help from anyone.

I had planed to start a charity foundation for the blind and cataract sufferers, with advertisement revenues from Google AdSense, unfortunately, it did not turn out to be the product I had read about. I am therefore able to continue anyway through private contacts and funding.

I am sure there is a way to start a foundation, and make a living from publishing at the same time. Many lesser people have followed this route and have become very successful, and therefore this is one of my objectives.

Website Charter

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Please ensure that you have read it fully and understood everything before using any part of this website.