BA-35 Solar Business Analyst

Texas Instruments BA-35

The one question on everybody’s lips is does Warren Buffett use a BA-35 when he is in his office performing business calculations?

The Texas Instruments BA-35 was available from 1985 to late 2000 and contained a full set of TVM functions for the business analyst. Designed for beginners and students, it became very popular with professionals, because of its ease of use.

It has all the basic functions, available through a single key press, making it easy to learn very quickly. It has a nice slide in hard cover for protecting the keyboard. The keys are nicely spaced and large so anyone with gorilla thumbs can type on them.

The best feature of this calculator is that it is completely solar powered, which means no battery replacements required. All the thrifty Buffett type executives and CEOs would like that.

More pictures showing the insides of the Texas Instruments BA-35 Solar calculator can be seen in the Vintage Calculator section of this website.

Business Functions

Amortization balanceYes
Percentage ChangeYes
Margin and Mark-upYes
Compound InterestYes
Annuity CalculationYes
Converting to EFF or APYes
Balance, Interest, and PrincipalYes

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