High Earners

If you do a search on Google for “poor celebrities”, it is quite shocking and sad to find so many stars whom only 20 years ago had millions, but are now poor. Hollywood is a place where people can get rich quickly, but they also get poor quickly by adopting the wrong living habits.

If you are a superstar right now earning millions, what are the two main rules you should follow?

  • Rule 1: Spend less
  • Rule 2: Follow Rule 1

What is a Superstar to do?

Do not get pulled in with the rest of the crowd. Just because a whole bunch of people are living their lives in one particular way does not mean that you should as well. Have your own mind and know what is best for you.

Do your own accounting. You should have at least some idea of your expenditure. The number of stories I have heard where the accountant took everything or lost it through improper investments, is staggering.

Give up alcohol. Just give it up. There is no in-between road. It will lower your life span.

Give up drugs. If you have a habit, you will die. That is a certainty. There are no exceptions.

Give up excessive consumption. Rich people consume more sugar and salt in their diets.

Avoid cult groups and shady organisations. Lots of people and organisations will pretend to be your friends. These so-called friends will do more damage than you realise. You do not need a kiss-ass chorus following you around. You need people who will kick you on your backside when you are doing something wrong!

Create a friend structure of intelligent like-minded people. You could be friends with so many amazing decent people. Just look at my book-reading list.

Avoid other celebrities who are on the wrong path. They are human after all and make mistakes like everyone else. However, their path is not yours. Their future is not yours.

Find honest friends. Honest friends will be those that care enough to kick your butt when you are doing something wrong. However, friendship and trust has to be earned.

Do NOT become Gollum

Gollum was the personification of all human failings. He was the monster within that manifested into reality. These failings are more prominent in Hollywood. Many superstars, back in 1980s, were healthy, young, and hungry for success. You would be shocked if you saw them today. They appear almost Gollum-like. However, this is what happens when you live life to the limit.

Excessive food, alcohol, drugs, and a whole bunch of things I could not even begin to mention. These people are literally addicted to everything, living a spiritually and morally bankrupt life. For them, life is one big addiction, and they have become a slave to it.

Then to make matters worse, they opt for face surgery and mutilate their faces turning themselves into a monster-like figure. Since the surgery never goes well, they then hide and live in a secluded world of their own never to be seen again. I suppose the monster within has to come at some point to show its face.

The number of superstars who ruined their faces with plastic surgery is staggering. If you need your butt kicked then contact me and I will soon put you straight on the right path!

Drug Addict Children of Superstars

You might not care about your own life, but how about saving your children’s life. With all the crazy money, and fast lifestyles, their lives will be destroyed for sure! They will never get to live a normal life.

They are swiftly following your example, bypassing the drama college and acting work, and going straight for the drugs! The number of Hollywood celebrity children dying from addiction is staggering!

Illusion Spending

High earners do not realise the power of exponential growth. There are countless Hollywood superstars earning millions for each film they make, however their understanding of finance is very poor.

The illusion that high earners often have is that their supply of money will always be there. After spending a few millions on frivolous material items, accumulating some non-genuine friends, the ego generally takes over. They go on a spending ride of their lives, with an ever-increasing car collection, and ever-diminishing knowledge of the value of money.

It is sad to find some of the richest Hollywood actors, who only 20 years ago were millionaires, experiencing lavish lifestyles, are today living a below average existence depending on welfare, and living in trailer parks. If you asked them what their biggest regret was, they would say, "Un-necessary frivolous spending, and no appreciation for the value of money until it was gone."

The Basic Constant in life

Unless you live in another corner of the universe where the laws of physics do not apply, in this corner of the galaxy, what goes up must come down. There are no exceptions.

Here are some facts that might be useful in making an attitude adjustment. Being young and earning millions makes it easy to forget this.

  • Looks do not last forever.
  • Fame does not last forever.
  • Money does not last forever.

Grow old gracefully

Some wonderful British actors have grown old very gracefully and are a very good example. When they continue to keep an appearance, and remain a positive influence in the lives of their fans, you cannot but have a deep respect and admiration for them. I always say that those people are the true celebrities.

A major issue with Hollywood celebrities is their inability to grow old gracefully. After a spending spree of their lives, one day they wake up look in the mirror and realise that their good looks are gone and they look like Gollum! All those drug and alcohol fuelled late nights, has not helped their looks or the bank balance. What is even worse is that the film or music companies have dropped their contracts, and they no longer get calls from their agent.

In a desperate attempt to revive their careers, they phone the nearest plastic surgeon for an appointment to have a makeover. Of course, it always goes tragically wrong!

The problem is not how you look on the outside that is wrong, it is how you think on the inside that wrong. You need to change your programming. If you can do that, you will be able to grow old gracefully and you will be happier with your life.

New Programming

I am a great programmer, so here are some commands you might want to insert into your head. This might help you!

  • Do not judge others by looks
  • Judge others for their humanity
  • Are you a good human being?

Do stay with us now...

Make an appearance from time to time and do not hide. Everyone will grow old one day. Everyone will lose his or her looks. However, not everyone is ignorant or pretentious. Their love and compassion for you is not limited to looks. Certainly, mine is not.

Negative Investments

These kinds of investments bring pleasure and build the ego to gigantic proportions. They attract non-genuine friends and are generally a disaster for the finances.

A million dollars worth of cars is a negative investment. The value of a high performance car generally drops very quickly. As soon as you drive it out of the showroom, you have lost money.

A superstar spending millions on a wedding celebration is a negative investment. Especially when five weeks later, it is followed by a divorce!

When they spend $1000 on a bottle of champagne, or $100,000 for a birthday / wedding cake, or $100,000 designer dress... all of these are negative investments.

When you hear of superstars buying paintings for a million dollars that looks as if it had been drawn by a 3-year old is very likely a negative investment!

When you hear of superstars throwing away money on $10,000 per night, or $100,000 per night, or $500,000 per night hotels, then you know for sure they have lost it completely. You should expect to hear about them in the newspapers after a decade completely broke.

Are you buying illusions?

All negative investments rely on a large amount of illusion. The illusion is that you are buying something that is considered special, or rare, and the only thing that could do the job well enough. These illusions are the strongest in places where there are plenty of rich people with more money than sense. That would be Borg sector 001, Hollywood!

That dodgy painting on your wall that cost a million was an illusion. I could have drawn that for you for five bucks!

That one million dollar painting you bought at the auction, because you wanted to impress a woman, and you heard her utter some impressive sounding French words that made you think it was worth a lot was actually worth only $ 5,000. You bought an illusion. Just because you paid a million dollars for it does not change its intrinsic value. Nobody else in their right minds will pay a million so just hang it on your wall pal, look at it every day, and weep.

That $1000 bottle of champagne you bought, that tasted like urine, but you were too polite not to say anything because the label on it had a gold crest, with the name of a fancy French town... This was a marketing illusion. You could have bought the same contents at the local supermarket for five bucks. You bought an Illusion.

That $100,000 wedding cake that does not taste any better than a $1000 wedding cake or a $100 wedding cake was a waste of money. Food items can have a placebo effect in the mind, creating the biggest illusions. If you buy a $100 cake and tell people that a famous French chef made it and cost $1000 most people will happily confirm how nice it tastes, even if it tastes like dog shit.

The primary purpose of these illusions is to drain your finances. It is like a big casino, with all the people under a trance like illusion gambling, not realising that the house always wins.

It has been like that for over a hundred years. However, they still keep coming generation after generation, making millions, buying the illusion, and losing millions.

Money itself is never created or destroyed but simply transferred from one perception to another, like magic.

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