Some Warren's Tips

After reading the Buffettology books, and almost everything that I could find about Warren the one thing I have learnt is that he never gives tips.

The two things he probably hates the most in the world are people asking him for tips and people giving him tips. He would rather do his own research and expect others to do theirs.

No wonder the poor guy keeps himself locked in his study for days, he probably gets hounded by 'tip junkies' everywhere he goes.

I sometimes get emails from people offering me tips. The story is always that a person related to someone else, who knows Warren is buying shares in a certain company.

My thought is always: So let me get this straight. Warren having invested billions in long term stocks, decides one day he has nothing better to do, except jeopardize his whole operation by talking to some guy in Zambia offering him tips. Yeah right, where is the bin...

It's a Hard Days Night

The American spelling for labour is “labor”. They got rid of the “u” to make the spelling easier.

We Brits like doing things the hard way. We prefer colour instead of “color”, and centre instead of “center”. We love queuing for hours, sometimes for no particular reason at all. We love the Dickensian style of social and economic conditions, because that is what defines us.

When I was young, I went to see the film Wall Street. This was back when cinema tickets were affordable and you did not have to go to ask your bank manager for a loan.

Whilst watching the film I found that I could relate to Bud Fox's father much better. After all, he was an engineer who worked hard for 25 years, doing an honest labour, building something of value with his hands.

In fact, the moral of the story is that millions of hard working people, who went to work every day, built America on honest labour. Those who make the trains and the planes run on time, and those that work in hospitals, or the schools. Moreover, greed is not a good thing to have.

In UK, the average public generally do not speculate on stocks and shares. For one, most people earn a wage that is just enough to survive upon and normally there is never enough money left to speculate on stocks.

Whilst in America gambling became widely available very early in its history, in UK the laws have just recently been relaxed for licensed Casinos to operate. As a result, the participation of buying and selling of shares is still very much in the hands of the rich and those who have a serious amount of money. This normally tends to be Arabs and overseas millionaires.

On London Bridge, on a typical morning, one normally sees financial experts walking across for the 9.00 opening of the financial institutions. Many of them are a spitting image of Warren. They have the same build, same height, same face, and the same suit. The only difference being that the suite is normally pinstriped, and they wear a bowler hat. They normally use a black pointy umbrella as a walking support; however, it also doubles as a weapon depending on how the day goes...

With a copy of the Financial Times, smartly tucked under one arm, they walk with steady uniform pace in a neat formation, one behind the other.

Generally, all of them will be crossing over the bridge at around 8.45, whilst the odd one might occasionally be jumping over it... At which point the procession will stop for a short moment, only to exclaim 'Oh Dear' in an English accent and then continue on their way...

Very few people actually understand what this mysterious cult gathering in the City do. Very few even understand the financial mechanisms that are in place or how it affects their lives.

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