Google Secret

I started writing content twenty years ago before Google even existed. I really enjoy the creativity that I can express through graphics, photography, and writing.

Internet has always been something that people rely on for good quality information and therefore I always aim to make my pages informative, factual, and engaging. Many visitors bookmark my site because there is so much of interest that they liked.

The real secret is to do something you like, something you believe in, and something you are good at, but most of all something you enjoy. If you keep doing that, you will succeed and your journey will be a happy one. I think The Dalai Lama said something like this, and he was right!

"C-o-m-m-m-e and get it... Heaven don't come cheap you know..."

My site has no competitors, because this is a review site. I am not selling anything, and if I review a product of yours, then consider yourself lucky that it is being written about.

If you see an article of mine rising above yours, do you know what the clever thing to do is?

Advertise on it: All of my pages have AdSense spots. I do not block ads, just bid for the spot and if you win then congratulations! You have the spot. I hope you sell something, because it keeps my cats fed.

Your Competitors are Benefiting

If you find an article about your product, that has your competitors advertisements on it, then that means that your competitor is benefiting from that article because you failed to advertise on it.

Obviously, I would like you to advertise on it because that way everything matches, and increases the chances of a sale, but it is out of my control because many companies are not well informed about the intricacies of online advertisement. Many neglect this part of their firm.

If you are not using Google to advertise, then you should sign-up and start advertising. Every day you delay is a day wasted and a gain for your competitor.

The Branson Smile

I am always happy to help. Sometimes I get emails from people asking for help, and therefore I am always happy to help.

If it is in my power and budget to help then I am always happy to, consider it done with a big smile and my compliments. :-)


It is so simple and all there on the Google webmaster guidelines, but for some reason people just do not want to read it. Therefore, here is my two-point rule:

1. Focus on creating good quality content as Google suggests.

2. In addition, do not tell anyone this, but... you actually will not believe this but... follow rule 1 :-)

Understand the Topic

You have to understand your subject matter. You have to have the skill to draw and express it. You might have to work up to 3 a.m. most nights with just 3 hours sleep, like me. If you can put the time into it then people will say, that this person knows what he is talking about.

Delight the Visitor: In UK, we call it quality, the degree to which a product meets customer satisfaction. Americans call it delight the customer. However, in the end it boils down to the same thing, which is giving the visitor the information they were looking for.

Link Ads

Never fool your visitors. Have you ever been on sites where you do not know if the link you are clicking will take you to another ad or the information you are looking for? I would say that those types of page designs are poor quality. Never do stuff like that.

Do not scrape

I have a very good lawyer who makes a list of the organisations he wishes to go after. Every year he makes a nice fat packet of money. Then of course, there is always my friend Gripper. You do not want to meet him!