Boothroyd, Betty. The Autobiography

Boothroyd, Betty. The Autobiography

This excellent autobiography of Baroness Betty Boothroyd starts from the beginning and her roots. The book covers personal ground and is a very honest and open account of her life. I do not think that she has left anything out. Every chapter begins with a quote that is instructional, as a personal development book would be. Each quote sets the chapter in context, which I thought was ingenious.

This book is a compelling read and I liked every part of it. I especially liked the correspondence letters that she wrote. One letter, which I liked and found interesting, was on page 235 from Nelson Mandela. I always wanted to know how state officials address one another, and I was pleased to read that they speak to each other as normal folk would.

I respect two MPs. One is Tony Benn, and the other is Baroness Boothroyd. I have often wondered what a nice girl like Betty was doing in a place like the Parliament. She is too nice to work there, which is why I decided to read this book to find out. After reading it, I realised that many people who come into office are decent folk just like Betty who want to serve and make a difference.

This book made me realise that it takes a person some time to find their true purpose in life; Betty started out as a talented dancer, pantomime star, and a Tiller Girl before entering into politics. Who would have thought that she would become the first woman Speaker in the House of Commons? This inspirational book will give many female readers hope of achieving something great in their lives.

Back Cover

Back Cover

[Braille Monitors] The back cover has a picture of Baroness Boothroid walking down the stairs with Nelson Mandela. The baroness is wearing her smart ceremonial gown, whilst Nelson Mandela is wearing a smart suit.

After reading this book, I came away with a much better understanding of the House of Commons. More importantly, I realised that it is honest, down to earth, and outstanding people like Betty that keep the system running properly, and I for one am thankful for that. After reading this book my liking and respect for her grew even more.

Is this book worth reading? The answer would have to be yes! On the other hand, I could say aye…

The Author: Baroness Boothroyd

Boothroyd, Betty

[Braille Monitors] The front cover shows her wearing a green smart looking top with a House of Commons badge on the lapel. She has very smart hair, elegant make-up, and an elegant looking pearl necklace. She has a very intelligent kind looking face.

Baroness Boothroyd was born on 8th October 1929 in the town of Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Her parents Archibald and Mary Boothroyd were from a hard-working background within the textiles industry.

She was a MP for West Bromwich in 1973, and in 1992, she was elected first woman speaker. In 2001, she received a life peerage and Baroness Status. She is one of the most respected British MPs who has served in politics with great distinction.


TitleBetty Boothroyd The Autobiography
AuthorBetty Boothroyd
DedicationMary and Archie Boothroyd
First Published2001
Publisher CenturyThe Random House Group Limited
ISBN Number0 7126 7948 0
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