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Cilla the Biography is a book about Cilla Black written by Douglas Thompson and published in 2002. The book covers all aspects of her life including the beginning of her career and her husband’s death from cancer. It reads very well, and a top class author nicely and clearly writes it.

This book made me realise that I share much in common with Cilla. Overcoming tremendous setbacks and overwhelming heartaches were things that I related to very well and consequently my respect for her increased even more. I certainly wish I had someone decent like Cilla in my life to help me out.

One of the reasons why I bought this book was because I had read that her husband Bobby had sadly passed away after a brave battle with cancer. This subject was very much on my mind at the time, as I had lost my sister to cancer. I suppose I was looking for answers to deeper questions, such as, where does one even start to find the strength to carry on? In this excellent book, Cilla mentions that it was her inner strength, and upbringing that moved her to battle on after Bobby died (p. 283). In many ways, that is so true, because in the end all we have left is our inner strength and character.

Death is a subject that many in the West do not think of. When I see celebrities and pop stars going about their daily lives, they use their money as a buffer to keep pain away and death is something that they do not prepare for until the very last few days.

Grief and separation are always very painful and we always find ways to avoid thinking about them. Cilla makes a very good point in this book that part of the solution to managing grief is to give in to it, but to remember that it will not be there forever. (p. 284). This is very true, because in this place nothing can remain forever, not even pain or grief.

For those who are grieving, there is something I read in Hopkins, Anthony the Biography about the nature of time that I found to be quite profound. He mentions that if you think back to what you were doing only 5 minutes ago, that time is gone and it feels like a dream. Every second of your life that becomes the past becomes dream-like and you have to wonder if it was real.

We sometimes see death as the enemy, that can strike at any time, without any warning, and therefore people are always frantically struggling to keep a few steps ahead of it. From my general experience in life, and reading the book Moody, Raymond. Life After Life, I would like to think that death is very much a friend that accompanies us on a journey. Whilst it separates us from our loved ones on this plane, it also unites us with our loved ones on the other side. Therefore, it is certainly nothing to be afraid of because to all things there must come an end.

Cilla mentions very inspirational ideas in this book. For example, she feels much stronger for the experience; she has lost her fear of cancer, becoming ill, and even flying. [p. 283]

Pain and suffering is a part of life. Life is gritty, it is hard and difficult, and there is pain and sorrow that everyone will experience. There are no exceptions to this. Whilst there is a growing trend for celebrities to turn to negative solutions such as drugs and alcohol, Cilla shows that there is a better way forward.

I felt that this book provided many answers, it is about a person who despite all odds and difficulties was determined to make a success of her life, and therefore in many ways people will find this book to be very inspirational, and an excellent example of how to live. This book is therefore very rightly in the prestigious Vis Collection.

Cilla Black

Cilla Black was born on 27th May 1943 in Liverpool, UK. Her name at birth was Priscilla Maria Veronica White. She was educated at St Anthony's School, and Anfield Commercial College in Liverpool.

She was married to Bobby Willis for more than 30 years until his tragic death from cancer on 23rd October 1999. They had three sons, and one daughter named Ellen. Ellen was 13 weeks premature and died two hours after birth.

Cilla is one of the most successful media personalities of this generation. She has had a string of hits in music, and all of her television shows have been immensely successful. In 1997, the Queen awarded her, Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Author: Douglas Thompson

[Braille Monitors] The dust jacket reads: "Douglas Thompson is the author of eighteen books. A biographer, broadcaster, and international journalist, he is a regular contributor to major newspapers and magazines worldwide.

His books published in a dozen languages, include the television-linked anthology Hollywood People and best-selling biographies of Madonna, Clint Eastwood, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dudley Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and John Travolta.

His 2002 collaboration with Christine Keeler resulted in another instant top-ten best-seller. He lives with his wife and daughter in a farmhouse near Cambridge and commutes regularly to California."


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