Eric & Ernie. The autobiography of Morecambe & Wise

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Eric & Ernie is an autobiography of Morecambe & Wise first published in 1973 by W. H. Allen. This is a 214-page book, written by Morecambe and Wise, and co authored by Dennis Holman.

Eric and Ernie were the kings of comedy and have the respect of the world for their clean style of comedy that brought joy to millions of people in UK and throughout the world. No self-respecting website is complete without them being mentioned somewhere.

This 1973 print, is the first autobiography I have read that is about two people. I suppose they did everything together, so why not a joined autobiography. Written in the form of a conversation between the two, this book is full of humour.

Described as the referee, Dennis Holman co-authors this book and does a wonderful job of capturing their humour and the true essence of their close friendship. I have never read his work before but he is an excellent writer.

Written in a very humorous style, as one would expect, it will have the reader smiling right from the first page. It has all the usual gags, and style of humour one has become accustomed to through their excellent television program.

In this book, they mention some big names of the 70s and humorous moments with them, which was very interesting and funny simultaneously. They mention some names that were before my time such as Eve Boswell, Pearl Carr, and Teddy Johnston... However, there were others that I was familiar with such as Bruce Forsyth, Tommy Cooper, Ed Sullivan, Norman Wisdom... to name just a few.

At one time, these people were larger than life and it was inconceivable there would be a time when they would not be around. This book takes you back to that time when they ruled the world of comedy and entertainment.

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Morcambe and Wise - Back Cover

This book gave me an insight of the world of the 70s as they mention venues such as the London Palladium, and the Hippodrome... It occurred to me that this was a golden time of comedy as there were so many big names performing.

I have a lot of respect for these people because their contribution was not just to comedy and entertainment, but to a style of clean comedy that was harder to achieve but ultimately more rewarding as it reached an international audience. As a result, they will very much be remembered, and I am very happy to promote their work without any deliberations.


TitleThe autobiography of Morcambe & Wise
AuthorsMorcambe, Wise, and Dennis Holman
First Published1973
PublisherW. H. Allen
ISBN Number0 491 01211 X
CopyrightEric Morcambe, Ernie Wise, Dennis Holman
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Cover DesignMark Gudgeon
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