Easwaran, Eknath. Gandhi the Man

The front book cover image of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi the Man is a book written by the great Eknath Easwaran, and published in 1989 by Turstone Press Limited. It is a book about the everyday life of Mahatma Gandhi, consisting of clear and beautiful narrative and photographs.

This is a very useful book for educational purposes, and serves as a great aside reference to get an idea of the kind of life the Mahatma had. Having read a couple of autobiographies of Mahatma Gandhi, I thought this book gave a greater insight into the life of this amazing man.

Mahatma Gandhi sitting on the floor and writing a letter.

One common question that everyone asks is why the Mahatma never wore a top. During the British rule, a law prohibiting the making of cloth meant that everyone had to buy clothes from UK. This of course destroyed the Indian textiles industry, and many people who were poor could not afford to buy cloth.

As a sign of protest to show the world how unfair the law was, Mahatma Gandhi did not wear a top.

Mahatma felt, quite rightly, that it would be inappropriate if he donned princely robes, whilst the people he represented were starving and without clothes. He also wanted to reflect the plight of his people and not wearing a top demonstrated to the Colonial British how dire the situation was.

In contrast, how many British MPs would be willing to share the pain of the people they were representing? I cannot think of any today. Generally, once they get a seat they have 4 years to gather as much loot as possible before the next lot come in.

It was a historic moment to hear of a US President mention the Mahatma. In doing so President Barack Obama not only showed that he was a highly educated man but also gained the respect of many people all over the world.

If I could bring one person back for a conversation, it would most likely be Mahatma Gandhi, but it would be a tough choice, as I would also like to bring back Einstein for a secondary consultation.

Mahatma Gandhi had all the questions and answers figured out. Actually, I would also like to have tea with Elie Wiesel, he is one of those amazingly intelligent people of our generation that I rank highly in the same class of people.


TitleGandhi the Man
AuthorEknath Easwaran
Publisher Turstone Press Limited
ISBN Number 0 85500 194 1
Date first Published1983
CopyrightBlue Mountain Meditation
AvailabilityAmazon and all good online bookstores