Her Majesty The Queen. Queen Elizabeth's 80th Birthday

Her Majesty the Queen

In honour of Her Majesty’s 80th Birthday, I bought this book from my local bookstore. I have to mention how elegant and graceful Her Majesty still is.

Without a doubt, she is the most successful monarch to have ever reigned with the full support and respect of all the commonwealth nations in the world. Moreover, I am a proud and loyal supporter of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. I sing the national anthem once in the morning when I wake, and once when I retire to bed!

This book contains some lovely glossy photographs, which I just loved. It is well written and ideal for all ages. I bought five of these to give to my nieces and nephews because I want them to grow up respecting the Queen.

Her Majesty - Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty - Queen Elizabeth

[Braille Monitors] The book has a glossy hardback cover in Royal blue, with a picture of the Queen after the coronation.

The back cover reads this special edition book celebrates the 80th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II and pays tribute to the life of the world's most famous and beloved monarch.


TitleQueen Elizabeth's 80th Birthday
Print No2 4 6 8 10 9 7 5 3 1
Print Date2006
Printed InItaly
Cover TypeHardbound
Cover Price£2.50
ISBN1 8464 6402 1
AvailabilityAmazon and all good online bookstores