Andrews, Julie. The Story of a Star

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews: The story of a Star is a biography written by John Cottrell. It covers the life of Julie Andrews up to 1967. It includes much of her earlier stage work and film career including the popular Walt Disney production of Mary Poppins, and The Sound of Music. The book charts the life of an eleven year old with a desire to succeed in show business and eventually winning an Oscar in her very first motion picture.

As these things go, the journey is never an easy one and there were many hurdles to overcome. This book goes into great depth documenting some of the heartaches encountered and some of the people who helped overcome them.

This book has some great facts about her films though. For example, her 1965 film Mary Poppins was the biggest grossing picture of the year, making 31 million dollars (p. 164).

Cottrell also writes a little about The Sound of Music, and some of his information is very interesting. I learned that it took six months to make and cost 8 million dollars. By December 1966, two years after the first showing, it had made 80 million dollars (p. 165). At one time, it was making one million dollars a week in the cinemas! I only hope Julie took a percentage fee and not a fixed fee for her payment.

I decided to give this book to my niece, because I would like her to be just like Dame Julie when she grows up. The great thing is that she loves it! I heard she bought books written by Dame Julie!

If you are planning a career in acting, or the entertainment industry, then reading about Dame Julie is the right step to take. I am a huge believer in profiling and emulating the greats.

Julie Andrews

Dame Julie Andrews is a highly respected British actor, singer, and author. The Queen has conferred upon her the title of Dame (DBE). Commander of the most Excellent Order of the British Empire, which is one of the highest recognitions given to anyone within the arts and entertainment industry.

A recipient of some of the highest and most prestigious awards such as the Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe, BAFTA, People's Choice, Theatre World, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Award. Dame Julie is quite easily the most intelligent and talented person of my time.

I believe that the universe is the ultimate engineer, and exceptional people such as Dame Julie are its highest expression of intelligence. Therefore, it makes sense to read and learn about this exceptionally gifted person.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

[Braille Monitors]: At the age of 11, Julie Andrews failed a screen test and judged hopelessly un-photogenic. Ten years later, she was the toast of Broadway in My Fair Lady, and she went on to Hollywood to win an Oscar for her performance in Mary Poppins, her very first role in a motion picture.

Today, Julie Andrews, the once shy, ungainly girl from Walton-on-Thames, reigns supreme as the brightest star in the cinema firmament. No actor is more highly paid; none has greater box-office pull.

Mary Poppins was the biggest moneymaker in the history of Walt Disney Studios. Her second most successful film of all time was The Sound of Music.

How did she achieve this phenomenal rise to super stardom? What kind of person is the real Julie Andrews behind her screen image? John Cottrell provides some answers in this book. He describes her beginnings as a plain-looking child singer with a freak vocal range. This book covers her successes, heartbreaks, and friendships.

It is the story of one of the truly incredible show business careers of our time. A story of a reserved and retiring English girl who persevered, in the face of emotional crisis, to climb to the summit of the entertainment world, with nothing to offer but talent, industry, and an uncorrupted heart.


TitleJulie Andrews: The Story of a Star
AuthorJohn Cottrell
PublisherArthur Baker Ltd
ISBN Number213 17883 4
First PrintedMay 1969
Second Print1969
Copyright HolderJohn Cottrell
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