Crawford, Michael. My Autobiography

Michael Crawford

Parcel Arrived Safely: Tied With String is the autobiography of Michael Carwford one of the most successful British entertainers. This book charts his life up to 1999 and includes background information about his successful acting career.

The narrative conveys his style of speech and voice, and consequently it was a pleasure it read it.

This book covers his life right from the early beginnings from his parent’s history and early childhood to the present.

It is a very honest account that is well-balanced covering all the aspects of his life and as a result, there are parts that are funny, some that are revealing, and some that are very moving.

He mentions some big names in this book, people such as, John Lennon, Oliver Reed, Michael Winner, Barbra Streisand, and Frank Sinatra, that he had worked with.

This book is a recommended read for anyone aspiring for a career in the entertainment arts industry, because it provides great insight into what it takes to be successful.

Michael Crawford

Back Cover

Here is the back cover of the book showing some photographs from his everyday life, and career.


TitleParcel Arrived Safely: Tied with String
AuthorMichael Crawford
ISBN Number0 7126 84409
First Printed1999
Copyright HolderMichael Crawford
Last Page Number330
Cover TypeHardback, Cloth lined
Cover PictureCreston Funk
Cover Price£16.99
AvailabilityAmazon and all good online bookstores